Coconut Sweets

At Cecilia Bakery we develop all kinds of cakes for the most important celebrations in your life. We know that family, friends, work colleagues, they all deserve an award on their feast days, that is why we offer you a variety of custom cakes so you can pick the one that best represents your special occasion!

Our specialties:

Dominican suspiro: Suspiro, also called Italian Meringue, is a frosting used to cover sponge cakes and create their decorative borders. It’s the preferred icing cake to cover the famous Bizcocho Dominicano or Dominican Cake.

Fondant: Coating or Fondant COLORISA, is a food paste used to cover cakes, cookies, cupcakes and also to shape decorative figures; it’s an intense, white color, with a smooth and soft texture. Contains no additives.

Whipped cream: Chantilly cream with light texture, ideal for decorating cakes.

Airbrush: An airbrush is used for painting over the frosting and fondant, adding several cake layers, different color accents and dimensions that would be hardly handmade. It’s also great for designing backgrounds. It is used for cakes and cupcakes.

How do you want your custom cake?

Together, we will create the cake you want.